How To Grow Portobello Mushrooms

How To Grow Portobello MushroomsAh, the famous Portobello mushroom. You’ve undoubtedly come across Portobello mushrooms in the form of a delicious vegetarian burger or sautéed with onions in an Italian restaurants. The Portobello mushroom has a strong flavour which stands out in any dish. I love slicing Portobello mushrooms up and sautéed with fresh garlic and thyme, adding a bit of balsamic vinaigrette at the end.  You and your family will eat these right up!

Instead of going to the grocery store and paying around $4/pound for lower-quality, non-organic portobellos, why not just grow them at home? Follow the instructions below for a step-by-step guide on how to grow mushrooms: Portobello edition!


You may be surprised to find out that the Portobello is actually just the mature form of the Agaricus bisporus mushroom, or the White Button Mushroom. To grow Portobello mushrooms, simply follow the instructions in my <a href="">How to Grow White Button Mushrooms post</a>. Instead of harvesting all of your white button mushrooms, leave a few behind to grow to full maturity. When these mushrooms have reached between 4-5 inches in diameter, they have become Portobello mushrooms and are ready to become your next veggie burger.

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